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Cloud Insights & Strategies

TheCloud technology has permanently revolutionized the business world and the use of IT and undeniably offers immense advantages. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular face significant challenges when integrating cloud applications, due to the sheer number of services offered by leading hyperscalers such as Microsoft AzureGoogle Cloud and AWS Cloud offered.


Services offered

Analysis of specific and concrete cloud application options for your company, advice and conception of efficient, future-proof and scalable cloud solutions (applications and infrastructure) including proactive support for implementation and migration.

Azure, AWS and Google Cloud each offer up to 500 or more different cloud services. Particularly in areas such as AI and machine learning, the range of professional offerings is constantly increasing, as are the corresponding continuing education offerings and necessary certifications.


For small and medium-sized companies, this means a significant amount of training and support. Training employees in these technologies can be time-consuming and costly, especially since SMBs rarely have the IT resources of large companies. It is therefore crucial for SMEs toa clear cloud strategy to develop and focus on the most appropriate services. Through targeted advice and step-by-step implementation, SMBs can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without being overwhelmed by its complexity.

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