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My name is Michael Kuhrt and I am 53 years old. Since 1993, I have been involved in the digital transformation of business processes - in the first 25 years with a focus on publishing and agency business.

In the last 5 years, I have increasingly focused on the possibilities and use of AI applications and machine learning in different business areas, as well as on the cloud services of the major providers such as Microsoft, Google and AWS.

Porträtfoto von Michael Kuhrt

One focus of the collaboration is and has been "analog-born", nationally and internationally active, medium-sized companies, for which the digital transformation can represent a major challenge and significant additional workload due to the size of the company on the one hand and the permanent need to focus on the actual heart of the business on the other.

I have worked or am working for the following companies and institutions, among others: BIOCOM AG, Philo Éditions, Philomagazin Verlag GmbH, PI Photovoltaik Institut Berlin AG, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V., Dentons Europe LLP and Kanzlei Müller & Partner.

Now, I would like to support you with my experience as an entrepreneur and manager as well as an experienced IT consultant and AI and cloud specialist. Arrange a non-binding first get-to-know-you meeting with just a few clicks or feel free to formulate your request and I will get in touch with you promptly.

Free Introductory Meeting

Thank you!

Knowledge and skills

Overview of my knowledge, comparable knowledge levels, and preferred tools in the cloud sssoultions and using AI:

Google Associate Cloud Engineer
Google Workspace-Administrator

Google Machine Learning Engineer
Vertex AI


Microsoft 365-Administrator

Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate

Azure AI Engineer Associate

Azure OpenAI Service


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Machine Learning – Specialty

 Amazon SageMaker

Complementary Skills

Data Protection/GDPR

IT Compliance & Security

with a focus on MS365

Change Management

DIN/ISO 2700X Certifications

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