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Consulting in IT Strategy & Digitization

In general: a strategy only makes sense if it pursues a goal. The more precise, concrete and clear this goal is formulated, the easier and more efficient the strategy consulting can be. It is important to distinguish the IT strategy from the digital strategy.


At a IT strategy it is about ensuring the future viability of an existing business model using the means and methods of a modern IT infrastructure. (“reactive how”)

At aDigital strategy On the other hand, the digitalization of a business model is considered as a whole - in the sense of a realignment. (“pro-active what”)

Services offered

Joint development of a tailor-made IT and/or digital strategy including a roadmap and concrete recommendations for action for your company. If necessary, including proactive support during implementation and strategic controlling.

Fundamental element of business strategy and value generation


The creation of a digital and IT strategy will be more successful the more precisely the following points are taken into account:

  1. Which primary goal should be achieved by whom, how or with what and by when?

  2. IT or digitalStrategy must always fit your business goals and opportunities and not the other way around. The topic of digitalization/IT and/or the use of AI is not a non-specialist, reactive, possibly external service or additional work, but rather a central and significant component of the business strategy of every company.

  3. All digitalization and IT activities should always be content-driven, results-oriented and subject-specifically focused. It is important to continuously coordinate them with internal and external users as well as the company's stakeholders. This is the only way to create added value for the company in a flexible and targeted manner.

  4. Company-wide, IT-driven and top-down promoted curiosity as well as regular further training on digitalization topics can always reveal new business possibilities and opportunities. In exactly the same way, regular, subject-specific training for IT employees on the general business purpose and corporate strategy makes sense.
    A common understanding, a common language, the “we” among everyone involved is the key to the goal!​​

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